Crude Oil Spills are devastating for all of us - but EcoBioClean® can turn "Crude into Food"®
So you can enjoy the environment
Safe For Aquatic Life

“Cause it takes a lot of arms to care for the planet” ™

Crude Oil Spills and Leaks

Remediation services for crude oil, gasoline, jet fuel, jet oils, boat fuel, motor oil, diesel, lubricants, industrial petro-chemicals, heating oil, dispersants, cleaning solutions, tar, asphalt, human waste, animal waste, grease traps, etc. It works in water, on land, sand, dirt, vegetation, cement, around wildlife, contained areas, low oxygen environments such as pipes, wells, holding tanks, underground, and in a wide range of temperatures.

EcoBioClean Preserving Our Water, Our Environment and our Future!

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