Sample Projects

A 500 gallon underground kerosene storage tank leak caused extensive contamination in a residential area in Clearwater FLA

Many homeowners are unaware that the property they live in has a hidden danger until it bursts or leaks. UST or Underground Storage Tanks are prevalent in communities where public utilities were unavailable or too expensive to install.

EcoBioClean is the solution wherever the contamination occurs. It is a rapid action treatment to safely reduce hydrocarbon contamination into harmless and then beneficial substances. The breakdown begins upon contact. It can be dry applied and then wet with NON- chlorinated water supplies or diluted and then sprayed with textured paint sprayer devices EcoBioClean 100COSW is listed on the EPA National Contingency Plan for use by First Responders to reduce harmful effects and injury to the environment including human life after a major catastrophe.

All formulas include the patented “mother formula” and various substrates and proprietary elements for ease of application in any environment.